22 December 2020

We are quickly approaching the end of 2020 and we will enter a new era of business with our customers and partners in the European Union. Even if a deal is agreed with the EU there will be significant changes to how we trade with each other.

From January 1st 2021 additional formalities and processes include:-

  • Customs declarations – UK and EU
  • Kent Access Permits
  • ENS Safety & Security declarations
  • DGDDI French Customs envelope
  • Transit documentation
  • Payment of VAT and duty on import

We have invested in our IT systems, customs and transit guarantees, training and additional staff in order to control all of these formalities in-house, also holding Authorised Consignor status enabling transit operations to commence at our facility in Castleford.

We understand that clients may have concerns regarding the costs for the additional requirements, and we will be contacting customers during January to provide further information. Brexit continues to be a fluid situation which we trust will be much clearer at the end of the year when the trade talks are scheduled to be concluded with or without a trade deal.

Further information regarding actions that should be taken including commercial invoice requirements, Incoterms and commodity codes can be found on our website here