Established in the late 1990’s, Partnerlink UK is a logistics company created by well respected regional transport operators. Conceived as a method to tackle common challenges in the haulage industry, the collaborative approach of Partnerlink provides an efficient and environmentally focused solution with added benefits including shared best practice, an extensive pool of resources and a huge breadth of expertise.

Each Partner is equipped with a modern and diverse haulage fleet, with extensive warehouse facilities offering services including long- and short-term storage, cargo handling, packing solutions and bespoke logistics operations in order to meet any needs of each individual customer.

The combined scale of the group has in excess of 5000 people and 3500 vehicles, with the total capacity of warehousing in exceeding 750,000 m². Partners are connected through our own custom-made IT platform in order to provide real time information including vehicle tracking and proof of delivery.

By utilising direct trunking services between strategic regional locations, Partnerlink UK enables members and their clients to have an additional service option alongside conventional multi-drop vehicles and pallet network operations.

The closed network system of trusted privately-owned partners is also a vital tool for clients with sensitive or high value cargo as multiple handling is minimised due to the avoidance of the traditional hub and spoke, plus an optimised route through the system is mapped and fully secure.

Scheduled connections to members in more remote locations enable Partnerlink UK to offer comprehensive overnight coverage, whilst minimising empty space on vehicles throughout the operation enabling cost and environmental benefits.

Building on the successes of Partnerlink UK, it was clear that the connections should reach further into the continent and in 2011 Partnerlink Europe was launched. Partnerlink members in the UK with existing international services initially invited their trusted overseas colleagues to link to the membership, enabling UK Partners to expand their portfolio of services and providing European freight companies access to a leading UK transport system to enhance their operations.
The membership continues to grow with introduction of new partners to our cooperative, enhancing existing services and providing exciting new opportunities. The network gives partners the forum to share good practice, to work together to achieve common goals and solve mutual problems, to explore new potential new business that may require a broad range of solutions and regional expertise, and also to realise the benefits of group purchasing approach.