07 April 2022

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who is supporting our appeal to send aid to the Red Cross in the Ukraine via Poland.

We have already sent one trailer of donations, and another will be on its way very soon!

Thank you to all those who have donated to our Go Fund Me page which has so far raised a total of £424. This helps us buy products on the ‘essentials’ list to load onto the trailers.

Special thanks to the following, who have helped make this project possible through donations and support:

  • H&A
  • MK Castleford
  • Lubna Foods
  • Dispo
  • Woods Packaging
  • Watershed Packaging
  • CMS Distribution
  • Burgess Petfood
  • Sicklinghall Community Primary School
  • Goldsborough C of E Primary School
  • Little Melt Pot Thackley
  • Thackley Chemist

Our go Go Fund Me page remains open in the hope that we can continue to send aid to the Red Cross. If you wish to help, you can donate here